Buy Flakka ( Alpha-PVP ) Online

Buy Flakka ( Alpha-PVP ) Online

Buy Flakka Online


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  • 100g – $490
  • 200g – $650
  • 300g – $780
  • 400g – $890
  • 500g – $1,100
  • 1000g – $1,650


Buy Flakka Online

What is alpha pvp or flakka? Alpha PVP is a synthetic stimulant drug which is included into the cathinone and pyrovalerone classes. Flakka is similar to other pyrovalerone compounds such as MDPV and cathinone compounds which could be found in the khat ( a plant which grows in eastern Africa). You can find brown crystals flakka or it could also be n form of large crystal shards. The effects of α-PVP is often compared to amphetamine and cocaine effects.

The history of A-PVP usage is quite short. In early 2011 it was shown as other MDPV and bath salts. It firstly became popular in the US in 2013. A-PVP is manufactured primarily in China. You can buy research chemicals in united states and order apvp through vendors in USA and worldwide.


Flakka for sale is an artificial drug of pyrovalerone and cathinone classes. Flakka is also known by the name of alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone. Flakka is chemically similar to the pyrovalerone compounds such as cathinone and MDPV compounds which is founded in the khat plants available in Eastern Africa. Flakka is available in the form of large crystals shards or in the form of crystalline powder. This apvp drug is one of the best and powerful stimulants consumed. Flakka was developed in the year of 1960s. Its energy level is around the quarter of the MDVP and both have almost similar effect. Flakka is also one of the advanced forms of bath salt drug and is available in white crystals form.

After consumption of this particular drug it produces effects which are similar to cocaine and amphetamine. It is one of the best research chemicals and is also available online by legally authorized online vendors. Researchers are working on this drug for increasing its use in medical field for the treatment of different health related problems.


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